Meet the cast

We are a group of scientists, science communicators, science enthusiasts, and comedians who quite like science. We believe that science is for everyone, and too important not to make jokes about. We gig at science festivals, comedy festivals, festival festivals, and conferences, among others, and this was our first Edinburgh Fringe show. It will also make occasional appearance elsewhere.

Florence Schechter

Florence may not have any formal koalafications for dealing with your mallardies but that's totally irrelephant, as she applies the fundamentals of zoology to your higher order problems.

Sadie Harrison

Sadie Harrison left acting for academia and does Science and History Showoffs to satisfy her need for applause.

Cerys Bradley

Cerys researches cyber crime, debates competitively, and likes bats.

Aimee Eckert

Aimee is a lipsync champion and by night pirouettes as the glamorous Dr Jiggs Bowson, combining drag and science for Brighton.

Jamie Upton

Jamie is our resident chemist and will be curing your ills with a combination of poisons, hormones and recreational drugs.

Scary Boots

Scary is a physicist and thus responds to problems by rewriting them as equations, denying the existence of many of them and writing ‘dark’ in front of the rest.

Anna Ploszajski

Engineer, hydrogen researcher and Young Engineering of the Year, Anna has a fire trumpet and she's not afraid to play it.

Charlotte Mykura

Charlotte is a tamer of wild yeasts, she'll be dissecting your predicaments using all the tools molecular and cell biology has to offer.

And special guests..

We are delighted to welcome special guests to our show, including professional comediansRachel Wheeley, Sarah Bennetto, and many other talented folk.